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Forest Camping Permit - $5.00 USD


1. Unit is defined as any structure or vehicle used for overnight sleeping. No charge for storage or cook tents.
2. Camping will be allowed throughout the entire year. Campers are required to register prior to setting up camp. Register at various sites in the county. Failure to register prior to setting up camp will result in citation and or fine being issued.
3. Maximum stay is 14 consecutive days. Any units that are left unattended for more than 24 hours will be considered abandoned and removed from the site at owner’s expense.
4. Campfires are prohibited from the period of March 1 through June 1 due to potential for wildfire. All campfires must be surrounded by three (3) feet of mineral soil and must be COMPLETELY extinguished before leaving the site at any time. All pits must be filled in before leaving the site.
5. All vehicle camping must be off the public road right of way and within 200 feet of an open forest road. (Exception: back packers and tent campers).
6. ATV’s are not allowed on the County Forest except on designated trails during the riding season.
7. All garbage must be completely removed from campsite upon leaving. Remember: If you pack it in, you pack it out. Leave site in as good or better condition than you found it.
8. Campers are allowed to gather only dead and downed wood. Firewood cannot be brought into the campsite unless it was cut within a 50 mile radius of the campsite.
9. Tree stands must be removed from the forest at the close of hunting hours each day. Any hardware that damages the tree is illegal. (i.e. screw-in tree steps).
10. No trespassing. Be sure you know where you are hunting and respect the rights of private property owners.
11. Please respect these rules. Your cooperation is necessary to ensure the future of camping on our public lands.
12. Report violations to Forestry and Parks 715-284-8475 or Sheriff’s Dept. 715-284-5357